Falco sneaker Swan Asselijn Vegan


Expected delivery time beginning december 20. Pre orders are welcome use the voucher code ‘linkkens10’ and you will get 10% rebate for your pre order.

The swan of Asselijn, who defends his nest with his life. It became the picture for the murdered Grand Pensionary Johan de Witt. The image rhyme of the wide-open arms and wings, shown so broadly in white paint, shows a surrender in full conviction. Special sneaker from Linkkens, with this work by Jan Asselijn from the Rijksmuseum.  Made of recycled ocean plastic from the Seaqual initiative combined with high-quality technical PU. This special sneaker is 100% VEGAN made.

The future of footwear is here. Made entirely from recyclable materials, right down to the aglet. Crafted with a special polyester thread, woven from recycled Ocean plastic including recycled ghost nets. Accented with vegan leather and featuring lightweight outsole.  Our trainers are breathable & durable, giving you the utmost comfort and long-lasting reliability.

✔ Made from Organic & Natural Materials

✔ 100% Recyclable
✔ 100% Vegan
✔ foam soles for extra comfort
✔ Premium organic cotton laces
✔ removable fussbett
✔ leight wheight high durable quality outsole, fully stitched trough.
✔ Natural latex padding



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