Falco sneaker Hukosai the big wave Vegan


Expected delivery time beginning december 20. Pre orders are welcome use the voucher code ‘linkkens10’ and you will get 10% rebate for your pre order.

The great wave at Kanagawa. A high wave, on the point of turning, in a choppy sea with three rowing boats, braving the waves; Mount Fuji in the background. Katsushika Hokusai 1829 – 1833. Special sneaker from Linkkens with this artwork from the Rijks museum, made of recycled ocean plastic from the Seaqual initiative combined with high-quality technical PU. This special sneaker is 100% VEGAN made.

The future of footwear is here. Made entirely from recyclable materials, right down to the aglet. Crafted with a special polyester thread, woven from recycled Ocean plastic including recycled ghost nets. Accented with vegan leather and featuring lightweight outsole.  Our trainers are breathable & durable, giving you the utmost comfort and long-lasting reliability.

✔ Made from Organic & Natural Materials
✔ 100% Recyclable
✔ 100% Vegan
✔ Removable fussbett
✔ Premium organic cotton laces
✔ Airmesh lining made from recycled P.E.T.
✔ High quality light weight outsole fully stitched trough the upper for long lasting quality.
✔ Natural latex padding



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