New limited edition in collarboration with Goldleather Atelier van Soest in the Netherlands.  

What is gold leather?
Gold leather, which has its origins in the 6th century, is leather with a gold luster applied. This golden shine is obtained by applying silver leaf to the leather and then providing it with a yellow layer of varnish. Gold leather is therefore not gilded leather, as the name suggests.

A layer of silver leaf is applied to stretched leather sheets. To prevent the silver from oxidizing immediately, two layers of varnish are applied to give the final gold color. After varnishing, the other colors are applied.

Another treatment is the embossing of the gold leather. This so-called ‘elevated’ doctrine was initially characteristic of the Northern Netherlands. The gold leather is embossed with the aid of a mold, after which it is painted in by hand and painted further if necessary.

We only work with water-based paints and varnishes that comply with modern regulations. The vegetable tanned leather that is used ensures a traditional, fair and environmentally conscious product.



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