Partner ship with Schijvens Dutch Dubai expo 2021

Schijvens Corporate Fashion gives the employees of the Netherlands pavilion a sustainable jacket and a pair of sneakers made by the Dutch sustainable sneaker brand Linkkens.

The employees will be wearing fully recycled clothing, during Expo 2020 Dubai. This clothing is made from recycled textiles and recycled PET polyester, from old company clothing, sportswear, fishing nets and PET bottles. Denim has been chosen with – of course – red/white/blue accents and a touch of orange: hip, sustainable and Dutch!

The clothing will be taken back after the Expo and recycled again, so that Schijvens can reuse it for corporate clothing. This saves more than 90% water and at least 20% energy and 20% of CO2 emissions.

The management is also dressed in the Dutch sustainable brand SuitSupply, also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. The sneakers that are worn are made of chrome-free leather with a vegan lining, made in collaboration with the Dutch Linkkens.